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QUICK NOTES! (Updated 7-22-13)

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QUICK NOTES! (Updated 7-22-13)

Post by ZephyrHero on Sun 26 May 2013 - 15:28

In addition to our RP Rules, there are just a couple of quick notes I want to establish and make clear in regards to RP threads.

1. WRITE RP THREAD PREMISE/RULES IN THE BEGINNING! This is to make sure the plot of your RP thread is clear as well as what is/what is not allowed in said RP to everyone who wishes to play. Please do not write nothing vague like "city in turmoil", "I lost my bag", and so on for your plot. The more clear and concise your premise, the more participants and views a thread will get.

2. DO NOT START MORE THAN 2 RP THREADS AT A TIME. If you have currently active RPs, please finish at least one of them before you start a new thread, especially if they are ongoing story arcs. Multitasking is fine as long as you don't bite off more than you can chew. Unless each thread is involving multiple participants or strictly a one-on-one RP, keep the limit at 2 RPs per user at a given time. IF an RP thread hasn't been active in at least two weeks or a whole month, I will lock the thread until asked otherwise or if it spirals out of control. If you wish for said locked thread to be reactivated, please notify me and we'll discuss it.

3. DO NOT BE ACTIVE IN MORE THAN 2 RP THREADS AT A TIME closely related to the second rule and around multitasking, it's best that you focus on at least two RP threads you are currently active in. Recommended that you finish one thread before moving onto another one. Don't push yourself now.

4. MAXIMUM PAGE NUMBER IS 68 meaning a thread can only go for near 70 pages total. Should any RP miraculously by in the 60s page limit, you are free to start a continuation thread linking back to the previous one as long as you notify me about it first.

Will be updated in the future. Otherwise, enjoy! ^.^

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