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Bio Pages (pt. 2)

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Bio Pages (pt. 2)

Post by zakavatarz on Fri 7 Jun 2013 - 16:47

Bio Pages (Characters who are currently in Noah)

~Table of Contents~
-Status Table
-The Subordinates

~Status Table~
Strength: How much damage can be dealt with physical attacks.
Vitality: How much damage can he/she withstand and resistant to status effects.
Magic: How much damage can be dealt with magical attacks.
Resistance: How much magical damage can he/she withstand before being defeated.
Agility: How well is his/her movement speed and attacking speed.
Luck: How well and often can he/she land a critical hit.

1 = Worst
2 = Poor
3 = Average
4 = Great
5 = Excellent


~Alaster Goldpride~

Age: 10
Gender: Male
Specie: Lion
Height: 3'5" (104.14 cm.)
Weight: 90 lbs. (41 kg.)
Eye Color: Gold
Fur Color: Gold
Title: "The Palace Prince"
Nicknames: Alsan's Boy, Mana's Boy, Elegant Prince
Clothing: He can be seen from casual civilian to regal prince attire
Personality: Aspired and hard working
Weapon(s): None (unable to wield one as of now)
Quote: "I'll the best king, as best as dad when it's my turn to sit on the throne!"

Bio: Everyone says that he is like a little version of his father, Alsan. Quite close to his father and sometimes read some documents with his old man at the office and sometimes sleep in the midst of it. He aspires to be like his father one day. He likes to do things as his father do, preparing himself when the time comes of his reign. His parents make sure he lives in a balanced life. He makes friends with other kings from other kingdoms.

Good Point: Well-Rounded
Bad Point: A Long way to Go
Likes: Working with his father
Dislikes: Discrimination

Powers: Not yet attained
Limit Break: Not yet attained
Final Limit: Not yet attained


~Madeline Goldpride~

Age: 5
Gender: Female
Specie: Lioness
Height: 2'10" (86.36 cm.)
Weight: 47 lbs. (21 kg.)
Eye Color: Gold
Fur Color: Gold
Title: "The Palace Princess"
Nicknames: Aslan's Girl, Mana's Girl, Elegant Princess
Clothing: She can be seen from casual civilian to regal princess attire
Personality: Determined yet innocent
Weapon(s): None (unable to wield one as of now)
Quote: "When I'm old enough, I'll let mom and dad teach me how to wield a weapon so that I can defend myself!"

Bio: Everyone says that she is like a little version of her mother, Mana. She tends to be tough-guy but deep inside she's just a child, she acts tough then usually retreats to the safety behind her father or mother and sometimes her older brother. Getting into enough trouble, she is willing to learn the art of weapon wielding, but not now.

Good Point: Well-Mannered
Bad Point: Delicate
Likes: Plush Toys
Dislikes: Scary Things

Powers: Not yet attained
Limit Break: Not yet attained
Final Limit: Not yet attained



Age: 14
Gender: Male
Specie: Kite
Height: 5'2" (157.48 cm.)
Weight: 129 lbs. (59 kg)
Eye Color: Green
Fur Color: Dark Green
Title: "Air Commander of the Strong Sky Battalion"
Nicknames: Stuck-Up Boy, Air Head, Feather Butt
Clothing: Click Here
Personality: Perfectionist
Weapon(s): Sonic Slicer (Long Dirks)
Quote: "If this Plan of Attack doesn't work... I am certainly not going to wing it!"

Bio: Unusually colored kite. Formerly a Warrant Officer, then after the departure of Roxis and his friends, he was promoted to Air Commander despite the young age. All that because his superiority in aerial combat and tactics. He wants the plan to go smoothly and accordingly, everything must go as planned even down to the smallest detail. When things get out of hand he usually jumps in and cleans out the mess out of frustration, disappointment and/or annoyance. He always love it when things go according to plan but then will almost lose his cool when everything suddenly goes wrong. According to him the best way to analyze the battlefield is to look at it from high above.

Good Point: Loyal
Bad Point: Perfectionist
Likes: Flying at high speeds
Dislikes: Cowardice

Powers: Sky Domain, utilizing the forces of the sky, any enemies that fight him in the sky will see him at his best.
Limit Break: Super Storm
Final Limit: Armored Phenomenon; Titan of the Sky

Strength: 3/5
Vitality: 2/5
Magic: 2/5
Resistance: 3/5
Agility: 5/5
Luck: 2/5



Age: 14
Gender: Male
Specie: Gila Monster
Height: 5'3" (160.02 cm.)
Weight: 132 lbs. (60 kg.)
Eye Color: Red
Scale Color: Black and Red
Title: "Field Brigadier of the Fierce Land Army"
Nicknames: Combat Nerd, Battle t****, War Freak
Clothing: Click Here
Personality: Energetic
Weapon(s): Fall of Tyranny (Knuckle Blasters)
Quote: "Don't blame me why you lost because you're not strong enough, yet. Go train and we'll fight again!"

Short Description: A Gila monster with a rare coloring. Formerly a Warrant Officer, then after the departure of Roxis and his friends, was promoted to Field Brigadier despite the young age. All that because his superiority in terrestrial combat and tactics. He considers his tough foes as a worthy opponent and a game, when he cross path with them, he usually will ask for another rowdy battle. He doesn't care much of his enemies whom he defeated within seconds and often tell them to get stronger or else they'll suffer or perish. He can play in any plans as long as he 'can have fun with the enemies'. When not on missions he is usually seen spectating sparring sessions and sometimes he himself spars.

Good Point: Competitive
Bad Point: Cocky
Likes: Battles
Dislikes: Losing

Powers: Land Domain, he can use the land and anything within or under it for his attacks. All enemies within range may be pulverized by his aggression.
Limit Break: Gaia's Wrath
Final Limit: Armored Phenomenon; Titan of the Land

Strength: 5/5
Vitality: 5/5
Magic: 2/5
Resistance: 1/5
Agility: 2/5
Luck: 3/5



Age: 14
Gender: Female
Specie: Thresher Shark
Height: 5'0" (152.4 cm.)
Weight: 114 lbs. (52 kg.)
Eye Color: Blue
Skin Color: Deep Blue
Title: "Sea Commodore of the Deep Ocean Squadron"
Nicknames: Ocean's Daughter, Shark Breath, Sardine Lover
Clothing: Click Here
Personality: Sporty and cunning
Weapon(s): Tidal Current (Trident)
Quote: "Torrents, currents and tide are just a few things that makes life exciting. Trust me, I know!"

Bio: A little shark colored in a vivid deep blue. Formerly a Warrant Officer, then after the departure of Roxis and his friends, was promoted to Sea Commodore despite the young age. All that because her superiority in naval combat and tactics. She can be devious when battling, putting the enemies guard down with her words then attack when the opportunity permits it. Sometimes she toys with her enemies, playing mind games and psychological warfare giving her time to strike when the enemy is open for attacks. Living in on the sandy shores, she used to dive for pearls or shells to sell it at the market. She would enjoy swimming in the ocean and enjoy the beauty that it has to give.

Good Point: Sassy
Bad Point: Rough Player
Likes: Getting what she wants
Dislikes: Boredom

Powers: Ocean Domain, using the buoyancy of the seas and her swimming skills as her advantage, any unfortunate foes will get a serious beating.
Limit Break: Flash Flood
Final Limit: Armored Phenomenon; Titan of the Ocean

Strength: 2/5
Vitality: 3/5
Magic: 4/5
Resistance: 5/5
Agility: 3/5
Luck: 3/5



Age: 14
Gender: Female
Specie: Fruit Bat
Height: 5'0" (152.4 cm.)
Weight: 100 lbs. (45 kg.)
Eye Color: Purple
Fur Color: Dark Violet
Title: "Shadow Jonin of the Stealth Abyss Platoon"
Nicknames: Batgirl, Ninja Lass, Ms. Sneaky
Clothing: Click Here
Personality: Silent and Unapproachable
Weapon(s): Phantasm Star (Shuriken Gauntlet)
Quote: "............ am I supposed to say something?... I am?... Sorry..."

Bio: A bat in violet fur. Formerly a Warrant Officer, then after the departure of Roxis and his friends, was promoted to Shadow Jonin despite the young age. All that because her superiority in stealth combat and tactics. She tends to be quiet and keeps most of her thought to herself and the tone of her voice is quite calm and emotionless. She is very stealthy in battle, one moment she's in front of you then in a blink of an eye she's right behind or above you, about to deliver an attack or do one of those Ninja Art techniques. She was never the talkative type and would like to have some time for herself after a mission. She got her ninja skills from a scroll which she discovered in her ancestral house's attic.

Good Point: Patient
Bad Point: Enigmatic
Likes: Pocky
Dislikes: Disturbances

Powers: Abyss Domain, utilizing the pitch-black of the abyss or the night as her weapon, her foes don't know what they're into.
Limit Break: Shadow Force
Final Limit: Armored Phenomenon; Titan of the Abyss

Strength: 2/5
Vitality: 1/5
Magic: 3/5
Resistance: 3/5
Agility: 5/5
Luck: 5/5


~Ayato Kobayokawa~

Age: 25
Gender: Male
Specie: Shiba Inu
Height: 5'9" (175.26 cm.)
Weight: 150 lbs. (68 kg.)
Eye Color: Dark Yellow
Fur Color: Black-Tan-and-White
Title: "Japanese Agent"
Nicknames: Sushi Boy, Wasabi Man, Dim-Sum
Clothing: Blazer, polo inner shirt, slacks, shiny leather shoes, leather belt and wrist watch
Personality: Reserved
Weapon(s): Any type of mid-tier weapons
Quote: "Hai, I agree. Taking things riterarry is highry redicurous."

Bio: He was born in Japan. Like the usual Shiba Inus, he tends to get all Japanese-gentleman when attending formal parties. He avoids sake as he says he'll never drink it again, not after the first time. He tends to be picky in what he buys at the grocery store and like some might expect, he behaves in a stereo-typical Japanese person. His 'l' is replaced with 'r' when speaking English. A former manga and comic store clerk and develops the fondness of Superheroes and what not. He moved out of Japan a few years after and worked for the United Nations Organization. Soon things got bitter for him after a certain incident happened within the buildings of UN concerning about Supers while him being unintentionally involved. He got to Noah by accident and decided to start a new life and considered that place 'an escapade from the harshness of reality'.

Good Point: Japanese Treats and Goodness
Bad Point: His accent when speaking English
Likes: Japanese Culture
Dislikes: Shirtlessness in Public

Powers: None
Limit Break: None
Final Limit: None

Strength: 3/5
Vitality: 3/5
Magic: 3/5
Resistance: 3/5
Agility: 3/5
Dexterity: 3/5


~Ukita Shiltzin~

Age: 22
Gender: Female
Specie: Tabby Cat
Height: 5'6" (167.64 cm.)
Weight: 130 lbs. (59 kg.)
Eye Color: Goldenrod
Fur Color: Ash Gray
Title: "Girl Scout"
Nicknames: Uki, Ash, Ms. Facepaw
Clothing: Garbed in a girl scout's attire with a gray neckerchief and a badge sash
Personality: N/A
Weapon(s): Any type of mid-tier weapons
Quotes: "Try not to panic and think on what you're going to- YOU'RE DOING IT WRONG!!!"

Bio: She is born in Noah making her quite familiar with the map layout. Pretty much normal looking, like your everyday gray tabby cat. She can be 'Tsundere' at times and sometimes shows her short temper around her Subordinates, but all within she can be loving and caring sometimes seen mothering her Subordinates as if they were her own children. She loves working to help the palace but sometimes she pushes too far and ends up being in vacation by the order of the king even when she says she doesn't need one. Her constant headaches doesn't come from work but from the incompetence of the nine Subordinates she's supervising. But even after what she's been through with them, by the end of the day, she thinks of them as family.

Good Point: Generous
Bad Point: Big Fat Meanie (according to her Subordinates)
Likes: Un-hectic Moments
Dislikes: Gaining Weight

Powers: None
Limit Break: None
Final Limit: None

Strength: 3/5
Vitality: 3/5
Magic: 3/5
Resistance: 3/5
Agility: 3/5
Luck: 3/5


Subordinate 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9

Age: 19
Gender: Male
Specie: Guinea Pig
Height: 4'10" (147.32 cm.)
Weight: 110 lbs (50 kg.)
Eye Color: Light Gray
Fur Color: Tan
Title: "The Subordinates"
Nicknames: Clones, Three Stooges x3, Whussies
Clothing: They are garbed in a typical boy scout's uniform only differing in color of their neckerchiefs, in order, brown, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet, black, white
Personality: Frail and weak-hearted
Weapon(s): Pretty much any low-tier weapons
Quote: ""Ms. Uki, Ms. Uki, Ms. Uki, Ms. Uki, MS. UKI!!!"

Bio: Their real names go by (in order) Braun, Rotte, Apfelsine, Feigheit, Rasen, Himmel, Veilchen, Noir and Klar. Just as the average group of 'lackies' that one can see. Even though they're not related by blood, they all pretty much look alike. They are training under the supervision of Ukita and at the same time working within the palace, pretty much the 'whussies' that Ukita described about them and their incompetence that she has to go over through. They are quite incompetent that sometimes gives their supervisor some headaches and always pulls them out of trouble. But according to her, their comical antics and amazing companionship is what makes everyday being with them worthwhile.

Good Point: Full of Surprises
Bad Point: Incompetent
Likes: Super beings
Dislikes: Working Overtime

Power: None
Limit Break: Panic (according to Ukita)
Final Limit: More Panicking (according to Ukita)

Strength: 2/5
Vitality: 2/5
Magic: 2/5
Resistance: 2/5
Agility: 2/5
Luck: 2/5


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