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Test of Heroes

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Test of Heroes

Post by Zanta on Sun 28 Jul 2013 - 15:01

OOC: this RP is open to all,

I.C. the premise?  far off in space is a world called 0-7 (all i could think of) a few years ago it was a happy, prosperous world. but suddenly an unexplained catastrophe occurred, leaving the planet a post apocalyptic wasteland full of folks trying to survive and piece together some semblance of normalcy in their lives.

the catastrophe was a mystery to the entire council of gods. none knew what had happened or how it happened. so Queen Junira has issued a quest for all able bodied heroes, to inspect 0-7 and piece together the puzzle of what caused the catastrophe.

there is a catch however, the strange fields of energy on 0-7  limit superpowers and magic use to their most basic functions I.E. Basic attacks, minor healing spells and limited range of special vision such as x-ray vision. this has caused the queen to issue the quest the title, "The Test of Heroes" in relation to the high level of difficulty associated with such limitations.
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