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Casual Cruise RP

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Casual Cruise RP

Post by ZephyrHero on Wed 25 Dec 2013 - 1:53

OOC: OK, so the beach party RP has pretty hit a dead end due to lack of replies and not-so-good coordination. So, after months of thinking of a decent idea, and on Christmas Eve no doubt, I decided to start a new casual RP taking place on a cruise to an unknown destination.

Premise: Similar to the beach party, your character finds himself/herself on a cruise to unwind and relax from everyday life, enjoying all the shops and activities the ocean liner has to offer. This is more about character interactions than there is story.

Quick Rules: Keep activities closer to what you see on actual cruises like swimming pools, shopping, dining, etc. NO fighting/battles and use of abilities, magic, weapons, superpowers and so forth. NO one-liners so PLEASE add as much to your post as possible for others to work with in their replies, and definitely no referring to yourself/fursona in first person or use of emoticons as it only makes your post hard to understand. Use as many characters as you like and as long as you can manage them all. Now that we have that out of the way, let's begin and hope this last long! : )

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