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Zane's characters

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Zane's characters

Post by Zane on Fri 13 Mar 2009 - 20:46

Mkay edits are in order of course depending

Name: Xynthetic (renamed himself)
Species/Race: Human mutation
Gender: M
Age: 26
Voice: take Kratos from Tales of Symphonia

Height: 5 foot 10
Weight: 176
Eye Color: blue
Body Build/Type: (i.e. small/slim or muscular/broad-shouldered etc.) Strong V shaped body.
Body Hair (facial, fur etc.): A goatee ('cause goatees are teh schmex)
Hair Style/color: BlaStraight Black hair

(Clothes & Accessories)

Upper Body Clothes: white hooded robe that covers his arms as well. The robe is extremely big so that random mutations don't cause him to destroy it. Something like the Assasain's Creed robe.
Lower Body Clothes: irrelevant the robes cover down to here (but just in case) he's wearing an old beat up pair of jeans
Accessories: Water canteen around his belt
Footwear: soleless boots
Weapons (including claws etc.): mutations a dagger and a gun
(Personal Info)

Personality Characteristics: suspicious of others cold hearted from mistreatment (kills easily)
Affiliation: pirates (gaia's crew)
Zoan mutations (animal)extra body parts are hard (I.E. wings+tail are hard to make) it is impossible to change substance (I.E. rubber or iron). Specializes in making features like other animals like fangs or claws. sea creatures are harder though (especially gills)

Notable forms:

Qudraped mode (changes arms and legs for faster running on all four limbs. this typically includes fangs and clawed hands)
Kangaroo legs: changes legs to be like a kangaroos. Allows for long jumps and strong kicks.
Feral: bipedal form with fangs and claws. the limbs grow a bit bigger too (reason for baggy clothes and soleless boots)

Personal Bio: Hunted for being different he was shunned and forced to live in some run down buildings stealing water for himself from pirates or the officers. His mutatoins were at first uncontrollable so he destroyed some of his clothes like his boots but eventaully was able to settle on human form if he concentrated hard enough. Once this was established he fond bits of white cloth and stitched it together to make a robe for himself. He joined up with the pirates to be able to attack people but is still quite wary of his crewmates (edits will be in order... obviously)
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