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Story Stencils

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Story Stencils

Post by Mike on Thu 12 Mar 2009 - 1:36

Awesome! We're getting to the point where RP's are going to start popping up. What more to prepare for this than a little tidbit of info to help you write in intro? This isn't something required, but it will probably help a LOT and keep kinks from coming up before the RP even begins by answering some of these simple question which will give players a good idea what to expect from the RP and what to post. Hope this helps ^^
If you have any suggestions on adding to or editing this list, just speak up and I'll be glad to help.

You can copy and paste this into your opening post or you can just answer any question you see fit to answer.


What time zone is this RP taking place?
How advanced is technology?
What kind of technology would you expect to see?
What kind of vehicles exist in this RP?
What kind of weapons exist in this RP?
Does magic or supernatural abilities exist?
Are there any mythical creatures?
Are there any teams, groups or alliances in this RP?
Are there any specific rules or other specifications you would like to add?
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