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Character Stencils

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Character Stencils

Post by Mike on Thu 12 Mar 2009 - 1:48

My friends and I have worked on putting together a 'perfect' layout for characters that provides all the information that is needed to paint a clear picture in other players' heads of your OC.

Don't stress over filling every single slot, we're just looking for an overall idea of what your character is like. =)
If you have ~no~ idea on what to put in a slot, don't worry about it. You can leave it blank and come back to it later if you want by using that lovely "edit" button.
If a category (such as affiliation or footwear) does not apply to your character, you can leave it blank, type N/A or just say "None".
Additionally, if you wanted to post a URL to a picture of your character's... let's say shoes, hairstyle and jacket; that's a perfectly acceptable option. =D

I just ask that you try to keep to this outline, because it prevents confusion by having several different character sheet types.
If you wanted to add your own extra categories, you can create them under "Other Notes". It is not a "requirement" per-se, but it -is- nice to see a clear and familiar format between characters of multiple people.

(Basic Info)

Forum Name:
Voice: (You can say "Sounds like ___" or even post a youtube (etc.) link to an actor or something)

Eye Color:
Body Build/Type: (i.e. small/slim or muscular/broad-shouldered etc.)
Body Hair (facial, fur etc.):
Hair Style/color:
(Extra Appearance Info): (Anything not mentioned above about appearance [such as an anthro character who has digigrated paws/feet versus platigrated paws/feet, or a person who "has a scar on his left arm that looks like a leperchaun hitting a washing-machine with a tuna" can be added here)
(Clothes & Accessories)

Upper Body Clothes:
Lower Body Clothes:
Weapons (including claws etc.):
(Personal Info)

Personality Characteristics:
Affiliation: (This is for when your character is on a team or force of some kind. i.e. "The Red Pirate Brigade" or "Air Force")
Bio: (This is where you can add your character's background story. A detailed background is just as acceptable as a very brief summary. We're just looking for general ideas here.)
Interesting Facts:
(Other Notes): (Anything not covered anywhere can be added here, including silly habbits, inside info, blood type, -anything-)
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