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Dreadful Drought

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Dreadful Drought

Post by Mike on Mon 15 Jun 2009 - 0:55

((I'm bringing this RP back into the picture. We had it posted elsewhere, but it was on a forum that wasn't used to RPs, so it was kind of awkward for the part of the forum community that was not used to RPs or haven't even RP'd before. ANYHOW... It's back =P ))


In the distant future, the sun's gravitation has pulled earth closer towards the sun. As a result of this, the majority of the earth's water has dried up, leaving only a few cities with fresh, clean water. These cities are the only places left in the world where there is plant-life, large numbers of people and technology; all the rest of the world has reached a desert-like state.

The water supplies are closely guarded and carefully rationed out by entrusted officers in the cities so every family gets their fair share of water. Scientist have been finding new ways to create water, but not quickly enough for citizens to be careless. They store the water under the science buildings in room-size vaults. The vaults are removable and transportable so they can be taken around the streets to distribute water... or be stolen.

In these times, people have become close and behave as a colony or close friends rather than selfish, independent individuals. Teamwork and friendship greatly outweighs selfishness and inconciderateness. Although they live in an advanced city, they buildings are a little deteriorated because the cosmetic appearance of the city is a lot priority.

Outposts and Officer Headquarters are located around every city. Why? Pirates! That's right. The pirates raid the cities, steal the water and either use it or sell it back to the cities for unreasonable prices.

The pirate squads live in underground large, fallout shelter-like buildings. Despite their barbaric and violent nature, they try to live luxuriously back at home in their underground HQ's. The people often dress nicely and can be seen appreciating art or sipping wine (sparringly, because it's hard to come across)

The pirates, although they are a team, are independent and selfish. The only people that you do not have to worry about getting stabbed in the back by is your best friends (which are usually the members of their own squad. This is probably because of the extreme shortage in water and the need for each squad to support themselves with only a little help (food, tools, cantines) sent from the pirate leader. (they are pretty much the opposite of the cityfolk/officers, who care for eachother, but ignore things such as art and luxury)

Although there are several squads of pirates, they are all lead by a single pirate leader that operates behind the scenes. Nobody has seen the leader in person, and his commands are usually given via radio or letter. Some question the motives of the pirate leader... although never aloud for fear of punishment.


What time zone is this RP taking place? Many many years in the future.

How advanced is technology? Most high-priority tech has greatly evolved (living, medical, science). Entertainment tec has been lost (tv's etc). Military tech remains about the same as today's.

What kind of technology would you expect to see? Medical robots, water-creating equipment, automatic doors, lights, enviornment adjustment in City homes and in the HQ's.

What kind of vehicles exist in this RP? Although cars are rare, they are more advanced (but slower because of a renewable type of fuel). They drive on spheres instead of wheels, and are extremely maneuverable. Military vehicles are about the same as today's, but many have hover cababilities.

What kind of weapons exist in this RP? Anything from swords to normal military weapons (No lasers, plasma etc). Weapons are not allowed in the city. Sometimes pirates steal guns from Officer HQ storage and have weapons.

Does magic or supernatural abilities exist? Alchemy-like magic, genetic transmutation, PK and elementors are allowed with exception to water-like magic. That is not allowed because of the water shortage. (sorry D= )

Are there any mythical creatures? No

Are there any teams, groups or alliances in this RP? Yup! Officers(good guys) and Pirates(bad guys)

Are there any specific rules or other specifications you would like to add? Be sure you have posted your profile before you start to RP. Also, edit your "Affiliation" to either pirate or officer. Even if you -aren't- a pirate or officer, you are helping one or the other, so rebels and vigilantes are still technically an officer or pirate in their own little way. This will be an OC only RP. Try to take turns in the same order to prevent skipping people. Aaaand that should be about it. Yay

. . .

We could learn a lot from crayons:
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Re: Dreadful Drought

Post by HMMurdock on Sat 5 Sep 2009 - 1:19

((Ok I guess I will get this ball rolling then.))

Slowly on a long desert road a black car made its way North. It was unlike the modern cars of today, but rather something older. That still used rubber tires and rubbled as it accelerated with thunderous exhaust. The pipes made it known to a nearby fortified city that someone was approaching.

Was he friendly or an pirate out to steal their water? Surely no officer would drive such a machine as this today, and no pirate would travel alone. So what was going on?
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Re: Dreadful Drought

Post by Cody Furlong on Sat 5 Sep 2009 - 4:36

((My characters for ref., Diego's text color will be this color, Cody's will be, and Bo's will be))

Patrolling along the top of the city's wall, a tall, burly canine, with black and brown fur stopped to wipe the sweat from his face. The Doberman's dark fur had always made him more susceptible to the heat, and he was certainly feeling it now. As his uniform clung to his body tightly, and sweat glistened in his short fur.

Noticing a dust cloud rising up in the distance out of the corner of one eye. The big dog pulled out a pair of binoculars from a pouch on his belt and zoomed in on the cloud. "Well, ya certinaly don't see those around anymore." The Captain muttered to himself, spotting the ancient car kicking up dust as it roared toward the city gates.

Putting his binoculars away, the black and brown dog pulled his radio from his belt. Clicking the device on, the Canine radioed into the Communications Room. "This is the Captain, I got a incoming vehicle at the North Gate." The Captain cocked his head to one side as he waited for orders on how to proceed.
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Re: Dreadful Drought

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