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Randomness VOL. 1

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Randomness VOL. 1

Post by Cody Furlong on Fri 11 Sep 2009 - 21:04

((This is an RP where anything can happen, and any one can play in. So long as it stays within the fourm rules, and the ratings of PG-13 and Teen.))

The honey blonde on chocolate brown tabby-tom sighed as he stretched himself out on the grass under a large oak tree in a quite section of the park. The 5'9", 190 pound feline smiled as he relaxed with his hands behind his head. He couldn't help but to let out a soft purr as a gentle breeze caressed his bare arms, legs, and chest. Softly ruffling his short fur that did little to hide his fit, muscular frame. The big tom was clad in a pair of cammo green running shorts, white tennes shoes, white, ankle cut socks, and around his neck a set of Dog Tags hung from a chain glistening in the sunlight that filtered down through the leaves. The male let out another content sigh as he lazly gazed up through the leaves at the puffy, white clouds that drifted overhead.
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