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Zantas eternals

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Zantas eternals

Post by Zanta on Thu 23 May 2013 - 23:12

Ok. first off, my OC is Zanta. i posted his profile on my intro. but. i'll do a better one now.

Name: Zanta Alexander Keplicus the Third. (just call him Zanta, Z , or kid.)

age: 10 million

appearance age: 10.

Gender: Male

blood type: O

astral sign: Aries

skills: darkness magic, sword master, acrobatics expert. able to fight despite fear.

weaknesses: Cold ( this makes him unable to move at all for two months, if the cold persists does his immobility.) easily scared, shy, blunt, and doesn't like werewolves.(his species is allergic to them.)

unusual characteristics: Pure white eyes, cybernetic right arm and both legs.

personality: shy at first, opens up to new friends with time. blunt with both observations and opinions. slightly naive...wait...REALLY naive about certain things. can be sarcastic. tries not to take anything too seriously.

least favorite thing: being woken up early by his worn-out alarm clock.

most prominent phobia: Superheros.

origin story: it's long and will be told on request.

i'll post more as they come up.
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