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Welcome to Fantasia Bar

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Welcome to Fantasia Bar

Post by zakavatarz on Sat 25 May 2013 - 5:36

It rumored that there's a bar somewhere within the city that only appears once nightfall blankets the city.

You/You all where walking from work to home one night. Something caught you eye/s, a path way that you/you all swear that you didn't see this path before. Curious you/you all followed the path. It lead to a river bridge with a tunnel at the side. You/You all gulped and walked through the tunnel. It was dark and creepy but the tunnel itself isn't long. Once you exited you/you all noticed the the surrounding is a bit foggy making the night atmosphere more stern. But what really takes you/you all most is a bar. Here? How? Right now you don't know. The signage atop says 'Fantasia Bar'. Wondering you/you all went in.


It is like your everynight bar. You can here clashing billiard balls, shuffling card decks and darts hitting the dartboard. You/You all saw typical people you'd in a bar, bikers, leather jackets, women with exposing clothing and men in trench coats. You/You all spotted the bar and walked up the short steps. You noticed the bartender wiping the glasses clean but that is not what made your eyes bulge. You canted his tales and there are nine of them.

Zak: Hm? Oh. *Places glass back to its compartment* Welcome to Fantasia Bar. Is there anything I can get you?

(When you enter please type *creeeeek*)

(This is Fantasia Cafe during night time)
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